The Broken Tangent

Animation of Kurtis Paddock

Signing at BlizzCon  Photo Credit: Careena Kingdom

Signing at BlizzCon

Photo Credit: Careena Kingdom

welcome to the broken tangent

I have been working on the animation side of the video game industry for over ten years.  I earned a B.S. in computer science from The Art Institute of California - Orange County, with a focus on media arts and animation in 2003.  I've been lucky enough to work on beautifully detailed pre-rendered movies and epic fast paced video games over these years and it's my goal on this website to hopefully inspire and give a deeper insight into this art medium called: "animation".

My hope is that this website will become an animation labyrinth filled with professional and personal works.  Along with general articles about the industry and behind the scenes write ups and videos about the animation process.  We also have “The Broken Tangent Animation Podcast” which is adding another layer of wonderful animation complexity to this as well. Episodes will be uploaded to the “Podcast” section of this website.

Enjoy and thank you for visiting!

     -  Kurtis

Animation Means To Invoke Life, Not To Imitate It
— Chuck Jones