The Broken Tangent

Animation of Kurtis Paddock

Episode 2 - Peter Lee - Principal Artist

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Peter Lee

Book covers, comics, concept art, gauche on canvas, and sculpting. As a Principal Artist, Peter does it all. Starting his career as a free lancer and an Associate Designer at Disney Imaginering, he found himself drawn to this game called “StarCraft”. Peter fills us in on his passion that eventually lead to him speaking on the phone with Chris Metzen about a job at Blizzard.

A couple of the things I enjoy most about Peter is his thoughtfulness and dedication behind his art. Mainly what he’s trying to tell us/show us in his pieces. He breaks down his time as a student and what he finds most important now that he’s been drawing for over twenty years. Please join me as we speak to Peter about art, design, the heart, and everything in between.