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News 2 - The Ten Meter Tower

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Don't Look Down

This is a short film by Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson, who conducted a social experiment in which they found sixty-seven people who had never jumped off a thirty-three foot high jumping point. Naturally, Maximilien and Axel have these subjects climb a ten-meter tower and then jump off. They place a couple of cameras and microphones at the jump point, so you can clearly see and hear how these people reacted.

Excitement, nervousness, fear, shock, terror, so many great emotions that play out in the experiment. This is a fantastic reference for multiple character acting scenarios.

I found myself making a game out of it, trying to guess who would jump and who wouldn't, based on body posture after they looked over the edge. Out of the bunch, my favorites were the groups of two attempting to jump at the same time. The conversations and rationale of thinking that occur within the groups were amazing. 


*This does show people in their bathing suits*